Kristin Lucas

Royal Birth Rumor, FLARMINGOS AR Filter Intervention, Studio-REV "Rubbings $20, Bootlegs $100", 2019 Spring Break Art Fair

FLARMINGOS VR Jacket as a part of iJacking Hannover, collaboration with curator Arthur Clay.

Dancing with flARmingos, 2017, webGL project for "Lucky Charms for Dinner Live Show", The Wrong (biennale).

Greater Flamingo, Head Flagging, 2017, animating neon sign (neon and argon). Image courtesy of And/Or Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Greater Flamingo, Marching No. 2, 2017, laser beam animation, And/Or Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Flamingo Motion Study, 2017, generative digital video. And/Or Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

FLARMINGOS, 2018, augmented reality app. Launched with Pioneer Works at Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, Okeechobee, FL.

Dance with flARmingos, 2018, interactive installation and app. EarthxFilm EarthxInteractive Zone, Dallas, TX.

Wing Salute, 2018, neon sculpture (pink, special red, yellow, black light). Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY.